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We had been strangers to each other in a very small school, went 11 years without saying one word to each other. Then one day, that amazing day I noticed you and saw you were in all black, wearing a symbol of the team you were a part of. I saw your eyes catch mine and something hit me in an instant, an emotion I couldn’t quite recognize. You acted as if you didn’t know what to say or how to respond when I talked to you. However, the eagerness in your eyes made me want to carry on the conversation to see what path it would lead us down. Would we never speak again or would we have a thousand more conversations like this? Confused… by the way you looked at me. Amazed… how you could look so amazing in your sweats and jacket. Wishing… that you were enjoying the conversation as much as I was. Hoping… that you weren’t as slimy and dangerous as some of the other snakes I had come across before. Seeing strong senses slide through your system, I caught another glimpse of that emotion that was unrecognizable. That emotion was so hard to describe, but I wanted to find if it was real, maybe even everlasting. I leaned closer and caught the scent of your cologne, while red butterflies hit my stomach. You weren’t like anyone I had met. What was that feeling I was feeling!!! As I smiled at you, it hit me and I realized it was simple… pure happiness.


Love Your Life

If you ever feel like life isn’t worth it… STOP because trust me it is. Sometimes life throws things at you that are hard to get past or things that seem so tough, you will never be able to get through it. However, there is always a way to get through hard times. First, you should look at your life and make a list of all of the people you love. For example- loved ones or friends. Then make a list of all the things you love about life… like maybe you love to go for runs or you love to read a really good book. Once you’ve made a list of everything you love about life and the people who are in it.. take a look and ask yourself if life really isn’t worth it. If the answer is still no, then try to find a reason for life to be worth it. Once you have found that reason, there is no way to truthfully tell yourself that it isn’t worth it. So go love your life and live it to the fullest that you can. There are so many people who don’t get a chance to experience what life is about… So please don’t take yours for granted.